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Anoles are lizards that live in tropical areas around the world. That is because anoles include all chameleons and most gliding lizards such as the flying lizard.The lizards ” wings ” unfold allowing the flying lizard to glide over short distances. The green anole is the most popular anole. Male anoles have a large pink throat. The Jackson’s chameleon is the most popular chameleon.

an 2

an 3

Green Iguana

Green Iguanas start their lives as six inch hatchlings and can grow to be six feet. If threatened by a predator and gets bitten on the tail, they could let go of their tail. No worries! A new tail will grow back. Their skin color is green to blend into the rainforest. In the rainforest they can live to be 20 years old. In captivity ( pet care ) they can live to be 25 years old. Their
food is lettuce. Baby iguanas skin color is light green. One type of iguana is red!




Ball Python and Red-tailed Boa

Ball pythons are named after their habit of curling up into a ball with their heads tucked in the middle. Ball pythons are constrictors which means they choke their prey to death. The red tailed boa is also a constrictor. Its name comes from its tail. Its red! It also has a rectangular head. Its prey is mainly birds and mice. The ball python’s main prey is lizards.

Ball Python


Red-tailed Boa


Tree frogs

Tree frogs have a friendly nature. They love to climb and scamber around branches. They travel in groups of same species. Some like the green,whites,and red tree frogs are nocturnal. Monkey tree frogs are from the dry areas of South America. To keep cool monkey tree frogs create a waxy substance and rub it all over their body to prevent water from evaporating.






Geckos are named for the sound they make that sounds like gec-ko. Many geckos have the ability to change color. They can also climb up glass and other vertical surfaces. The house gecko is one of the most popular geckos and also one of the least aggresive. The Toka gecko is the most aggresive. Here are some pictures of geckos…



My beautiful picture


Toads are types of frogs that don’t need to live as close to water as ordinary frogs do.

One place they can live is in sand dunes of the Sonoran desert. Some live in rainforests, such as poison toads. Yes, there is such a thing as poison toads.

Here are a few pictures of them that I took at the Bronx Zoo…

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture

My beautiful picture