Ball Python and Red-tailed Boa

Ball pythons are named after their habit of curling up into a ball with their heads tucked in the middle. Ball pythons are constrictors which means they choke their prey to death. The red tailed boa is also a constrictor. Its name comes from its tail. Its red! It also has a rectangular head. Its prey is mainly birds and mice. The ball python’s main prey is lizards.

Ball Python


Red-tailed Boa


4 thoughts on “Ball Python and Red-tailed Boa

  1. devingun Post author

    Hi Zizi! My favorite snake is the Tintano Boa from prehistoric time because it could grow to be 48 feet.

  2. Zizi25

    48 FEET!?! HOLY COW! I would die if I saw a 48 ft snake! And I mean I would die of a heart attack, before it ate me! :0

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