Cobras are one of the most known snakes in the world.The most famous cobra is (you probably know this) the king cobra. All cobras are Elapidaes. That means they use venom to kill. The Mozambique spitting cobra is a dangerous species that lives around houses and farms at night in search for small animals, such as lizards and mice. It can spit deadly venom into your eye. It can make you blind! Here are some pictures of cobras…..

cob I

cob II

cob III

3 thoughts on “Cobras

  1. Zizi25

    What do you call a snake that builds things?A boa constructor! Ha!!! 🙂
    Can’t wait to see your next post. What’s it going to be???

  2. Skeebadopdoodop

    One time, i saw a helicopter. That was awesome. Then i ate some popcorn and skipped down the street and whistled. That was awesome.
    You should write about monkeys. Monkeys are awesome.

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