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Salamanders and Newts

There are many different types of salamander, all which have a similar way of life or the same prey to a newt.

Most salamanders enjoy having water-based prey, such as mosquito larvae and small fish. Bigger ones even eat frog eggs.

As a fellow amphibian, salamanders can get through the jelly-like defenses. When breeding, salamanders lay eggs under plants and debris. When they hatch they feed on aquatic invertebrate. The Tiger salamander, for example, lives underground unlessĀ it is breeding season.

Newts are exactly the same as salamanders, except they can live in a colder area. The Alpine newt, for example, lives high in the Alpine mountains, where it is not at all bothered by the bitter cold. They enjoy living under rocks offside a fast moving river so predators like large fish can not get to them. Unlike salamanders, newts rather land-dwelling invertebrates insteadĀ  of eggs or water dwelling organisms. Though there are differences, salamanders and newts are similar in many ways.