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Hi. My name is Devin Gunther and I introduce the frog and reptile blog. I got the idea to make a blog from my friend Nicholas. He knew I loved frogs so he made a poster that said: IF YOU LIKE FROGS, JOIN THE FROG GROUP. That is where I came up with frog blog.

I will attempt to update with new information as often as I can, so please check back for new content often.

Welcome, and enjoy.  Now, off we go. Lets get hopping!…

Here is a short introduction to my White’s and monkey Tree Frogs, Addison and Tim.

The day I got Addison was September 21 ,2014. He was about 1 year old at the pet store. I got him for my birthday from my grandma. I got Tim on the way home from upstate New York. I got him on September 28 2014.


Addison is on the right. Tim is on the left. Tim Is a white’s tree frog , and Addison is a monkey tree frog.

To contact the author, email: dvngun@gmail.com

People think frogs are just slimy creatures, but they are actually very interesting.