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Northern Gray Tree Frog and the Southern Gray Tree Frog

Northern Gray Tree Frog and the Southern Gray Tree Frog

The Northern Gray Tree Frog is a little warty, but not warty enough to be a toad. It’s warts camouflage it to moss and trees. It’s scientific name is Hyla versicolor. Many of these tree frogs  have patterns. This frog has a twin! The southern gray tree frog is almost identical. Since these frogs are almost identical, they are known as cryptic species. The scientific name of the Southern Gray Tree Frog is Hyla chrysoscelis.

Northern Gray Tree Frog


Southern Gray Tree Frog


Tomato Frog

The Tomato Frog can be red or bright orange. Males are smaller and less brightly colored. If wanting to breed, Tomato Frog males call loudly to attract females. Like all other frogs, this frog can only mate with it’s own kind. When in the process of laying eggs they usually do it in some kind of drain or ditch. If threatened, it can puff up it’s body to make it look bigger than it really is.




Fornasini’s spiny reed frog, Madagascar reed frog and the Midwife toad

Fornasini’s reed frogs are also known as leaf-folding frogs or banana frogs. They live in reeds or tall grasses.

Fornasini’s reed frog

forn frog

The Madagascar reed frog is the most common reed frog in Madagascar. The Madagascar reed frog likes to live in places with human activity, such as…..gardens, parks and backyards.

Madagascar reed frog

mad frog

The Midwife toad is also known as the bell toad. It is fairly smooth for a toad. It can be orange, pinkish, or yellow.

Midwife toad

mid toad

Biggest and smallest frog

The biggest frog is the Goliath frog of Africa. It is as heavy as a newborn baby. One of the smallest, the Gold frog of South America,  could sit on the nail of you’re little finger. Another one of the biggest is the African bullfrog. A full grown female can weigh 3 pounds. No matter what, female frogs will always be bigger than males.


bf1 and only

Goliath frog


Gold frog


Gold frog

last gold frog