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Komodo Dragon

The Komodo Dragon is the largest and heaviest lizard. Although it is so big it can run a surprising  11 miles per hour. It lives in Indonesia and its scientific name is Varanus komodoensis. It’s main prey is goats and sometimes cattle. When resting the Komodo Dragon lies flat on its stomach.




Wonder Gecko

Also known as the frog eyed gecko, the Wonder Gecko is nocturnal. The gecko lives in southwest Asia and Middle East. It’s scientific name is Teratoscincus  scincus . The Wonder Gecko female lays 1-2 eggs that hatch in 2 or 3 months. Then they immediately start eating spiders and bugs.





Frilled Lizard

When laying eggs, the Frilled Lizard female makes a hole and lays the eggs in the hole, and covers them up. It takes about 3 months for the eggs to hatch. They have frills as soon as they hatch. If threatened, it opens it’s mouth and hisses. If that fails it starts to run to the closest tree. It has good camouflage to the tree trunks. They are usually black or brown.



Panther Chameleon

The Panther Chameleon is one of the most colorful chameleons. It lives in many different habitats in Northern Madagascar. It can be  found in bushes, hedges, plantations, and backyard trees. When mating, The eggs do not come out right away. It takes about 5 weeks to lay the eggs in a nest in wet soil. After a year or so, the eggs hatch. But they can mature in less than a year. In this case the male is larger than the female. Panther Chameleons can be good pets. It can appear bigger than it really is.





Anoles are lizards that live in tropical areas around the world. That is because anoles include all chameleons and most gliding lizards such as the flying lizard.The lizards ” wings ” unfold allowing the flying lizard to glide over short distances. The green anole is the most popular anole. Male anoles have a large pink throat. The Jackson’s chameleon is the most popular chameleon.

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Green Iguana

Green Iguanas start their lives as six inch hatchlings and can grow to be six feet. If threatened by a predator and gets bitten on the tail, they could let go of their tail. No worries! A new tail will grow back. Their skin color is green to blend into the rainforest. In the rainforest they can live to be 20 years old. In captivity ( pet care ) they can live to be 25 years old. Their
food is lettuce. Baby iguanas skin color is light green. One type of iguana is red!





Geckos are named for the sound they make that sounds like gec-ko. Many geckos have the ability to change color. They can also climb up glass and other vertical surfaces. The house gecko is one of the most popular geckos and also one of the least aggresive. The Toka gecko is the most aggresive. Here are some pictures of geckos…



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