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Tuataras are ancient nocturnal reptiles that were more popular in prehistoric times. They are found in the offshore islands of New Zealand where they live in burrows that they construct themselves or that they steal from petrels. Once in awhile, they will eat petrel chicks. But their main diet consists of large insects. Tuataras mature very slowly. They are grown up when they are 10-20 years old but can live to be 100.




Biggest and smallest frog

The biggest frog is the Goliath frog of Africa. It is as heavy as a newborn baby. One of the smallest, the Gold frog of South America, ¬†could sit on the nail of you’re little finger. Another one of the biggest is the African bullfrog. A full grown female can weigh 3 pounds. No matter what, female frogs will always be bigger than males.


bf1 and only

Goliath frog


Gold frog


Gold frog

last gold frog